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From 15th of September 2011, every visa application filed at a Polish consular office must be preceded by on-line registration of the application, both in the case of an application for a Schengen visa and the national visa.
Internet registration is available at: http://www.e-konsulat.gov.pl/
The site provides as well detailed information on visa procedures and on the on-line submission of applications.


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The consular district of the Consular Section of the Republic of Poland in Stockholm consists of the following Swedish provinces

 1.   Norrbottens county
 2.   Västerbottens county
 3.   Jämtlands county
 4.   Västernorrlands county
 5.   Dalarnas county
 6.   Gävleborgs county
 7.   Värmlands county
 8.   Örebro county
 9.   Västmanlands county
 10. Uppsala county
 11. Södermanlands county
 12. Stockholms county
 15. Östergötlands county
Malmö Karlskrona Stockholm
The consular district of the Polish Consulate General in Malmö - the remaining provinces